Skip Permits In Poole | Find Out If You Need One And Why?

If you have made up your mind to hire a skip and have decided to place it on your or any other private or government property, your next question must be “do you need a skip permit?” the answer is: the need for a permit depends on the skip you hire and where you want it to be placed.

We have compiled all that you need to know about skip permits so it will surely answer your query ‘do you need a skip permit?’ So, let’s get right to it!

Skip Permits – What Are They And Do I Need One?

Before we jump to the details, you must understand what exactly a skip permit is. When you decide to place a skip on the road outside your property, you will need to get permission from the Council in the form of official documentation as the road is public property.

The permit that you get from the council to place your skip on the public road or highway, is known as the skip permit.

When Will You Need A Permit For A Skip in Poole?

If you plan to place the skip on the road then you need to get a permit, but if you decide to place the skip on your property, then you don’t need to get a permit.

The drawback of placing the skip on your property is that you will have to get a skip according to the size of your property, which means that if you don’t have enough space, you will have to get a small size, regardless of what size you actually need. You will also have to give easy access for the collection truck to access the skip, resulting in further major or minor costs.

What You Need To Consider Before Requesting A Skip Hire Permit in Poole?

Before you send your skip permit request, it is important to make sure that certain criteria are met; and that you are aware of all the rules and regulations regarding acquiring a permit; since this will help in increasing the chances of your permit approval. Make sure that:

  • The skip isn’t placed over a manhole or any other maintenance or utility points
  • The skip isn’t placed in the double yellow lines on the road
  • The skip isn’t blocking the driveway of the neighbouring houses
  • You keep a thorough check on the council’s approach to lidded and non-lidded skips.

Who Arranges The Permit?

Now that you are clear on the answer to the question of “do you need a skip permit” and have figured out a spot for your skip on the road outside, your next query must be about who arranges the permit.

Skip permit requests can be sent individually to the council as well as through skip hire companies. We at Poole Skip Hire take care of the skip permits for our customers, ensuring they have a smooth and hassle-free hiring experience with us.

What Does The Council Consider When Reviewing Your Application For A Skip Permit?

While making a decision, the council reviews the width of the road you plan to place your skip on, and if it might become the cause of any inconveniences for the drivers using that road. Other concerns include the traffic pressure, how busy the road is, and if it is safe for the user to access the skip.

Another major concern is if there is any maintenance plan for the road that the skip would disrupt. The decision is made after carefully analyzing any issues relating to the placement of the skip at the position requested by you, for the duration of your request.

Why Do You Need A Permit On A Public Highway?

You don’t need to have a skip permit only if you put the skip on the road that is privately made in the UK. Other than that, you will need to get a skip permit for placing a skip on a public highway or road. Failure to do so could be reported to the council and a fine may be imposed on you.

The permit is needed for safety purposes and to avoid any obstacles on the road.

What Happens If A Skip On A Public Highway Doesn’t Have A Permit?

If your skip is placed on the public highway and is caught by a resident or the authorities, as it is affecting the drivers on the highway; they can report you for placing a ‘no permit’ skip on the road.

Placing a skip on the public highway without a permit is illegal, and you could be fined up to £1000 if your skip is found or reported. Even if you have a skip permit, it is obligated to install lamps as well as four traffic cones to protect the skip and as a warning for the drivers passing by.

Skip permit prices vary throughout the UK. The average rate is between £20 and £60. It is nothing over the top, and mostly these permits are given at the first application only. You can contact your nearest council for an updated rate.

What If My Application For A Skip Permit Is Declined?

The chances of getting a skip permit request declined are very rare, and if this happens, we suggest you find the reason for your declination. If it is due to some maintenance plans for the road, don’t worry, you will get the permit approved after the work is completed. However, if the reason is a permanent one, for instance, the width of the road or the high traffic on the road near you, we don’t think much can be done. In these cases, it is suggested that you place the skip on your property.

How Long Do Skip Permits Last?

You can get your skip permits within a week or two. The lasting period is mentioned on the permit by the council, which in most cases can be extended before the expiration date, which is also mentioned on the permit. Make sure you get it extended by paying the required amount to avoid going through the whole process all over again.

We are sure that now you are fully aware of the answers to the following questions,

  •         Do you need a skip permit?
  •         Do you need a skip permit for a public highway?
  •         How much does a skip permit cost?
  •         How long do skip permits last? And much more.

If you are in Poole and want to hire a skip, contact us at Poole Skip Hire for a smooth, hassle-free placement.

Do you need a permit for a skip bag?

If you wish to place a skip, skip bag, or even a hippo bag on the road, which is public property, you will need to get a permit that allows you to place it on the road or the highway. If you plan to keep the skip bag inside the boundaries of your private property, you don’t require a permit.

Can I skip getting a permit?

If you are placing your skip within the boundaries of your private property, then yes, you can skip getting a permit. Whereas if you place the skip on the edge of the road or any area that does not include in your private property, you need to get a permit to avoid any complications.

What is a skip license?

A skip license permits you to place the skip on a public road or highway. However, skip licenses are only given to skip hire companies, who then are liable to follow the requirements that come with it.

What are the rules for hiring skips?

Some very common beginner rules for skips are:

  1. Don’t block the road or highway.
  2. Don’t block the access to the driveway.
  3. Make sure you don’t throw hazardous items in the skips; you might be charged for it if it is found in your trash, even if you did not put it there.
  4. Always check your skip before calling the company to collect it.
  5. Place the skip or the skip bag at least 15km away from junctions

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