Skip Hire Poole (Guide 2021)

Skips Poole

Skips are containers that are used to pick up any construction or demolition waste, gardening waste, and other types of trash and litter. Skips are important not only because they cater to different types of wastes such as commercial and household trash but also because they take care of your rubbish for you – making the whole experience hassle and tension-free. Aside from collecting the rubbish, the skip services also offer a recycling service which is becoming increasingly popular as landfills are not the correct way to dispose of the trash anymore. 
Another popular service provided by most skip hires in Poole is waste disposal. This is required when you have items around the house that you don’t need anyway and they are taking up space on your residential or commercial property; you can simply call our garbage disposal services and we’ll do it for you.

Commercial Containers 

Before booking a skip service, let’s talk about the different types of containers available for different amounts of waste. 

If you are looking for a commercial-sized skip, then there are two options available: 4 cubic yards and 6 cubic yards. A 4-yard skip has the capacity of holding 3.4 to 4 cubic meters of trash; it is 3 feet and 4 inches in width and the length is about 7 feet and 9 inches. A 6-yard skip, on the other hand, has the capacity of holding 4.6 to 6 cubic meters of waste; the width ranges about 4 feet and 1 inch and the height is about 11 feet and 6 inches. 

These are the two most popular sizes of skips, but some companies do offer bigger skip sizes for large waste disposals. Most skip hires in Poole take in a wide range of commercial and recycling materials such as construction and demolition waste, green waste, mixed metals, and wood.
As mentioned before, recycling is becoming increasingly popular and necessary for the health and preservation of our environment, but there are some materials that most skip hire Poole services refuse to take in such as plasterboards, large or small electrical equipment, paint or paint cans, oils, liquids, raw food, asbestos, tires, and tarmac.

Small Disposals

Some skip hire Poole services also offer smaller options for small quantities of waste disposal that may not need a whole skip. These small disposal solutions are referred to as grab-bag services. These offers are super simple to understand: you basically buy bags from the place that provides the service, fill them and call us to collect the bags. The waste we accept in these grab bags is soil, rubble, mixed waste, and garden waste.

Quick Skips Poole

Unlike regular skip hire in Poole, quick skips are one of the only skip services that are still active during quarantine and are still working and taking bookings with proper social distancing precautions. They also offer a higher selection of skip sizes which can range up to 40 yards. They also offer special services and take in the waste that most skip companies refuse and take care of your waste without hassle. They provide quick service and on-site waste management all at affordable and competitive prices.

Budget Skips Poole

Budget skips is another type of skip hire in Poole and these service providers offer solutions that are affordable and reliable. You can choose between a variety of skip types including a mini, midi, max, roll-on-off, or drop door. For household or garden waste, they suggest you get a skip measuring 2 to 3 cubic yards since this can hold 25 to 35 bin bags. 

For bigger projects, use a skip measuring 4 to 5 cubic meters and builders should use a large skip about 6 to 8 yards. Large-scale renovations need an even bigger skip measuring 12 to 14 yards which can hold up to 180-210 bin bags. We also provide skips that specifically cater to specialist plasterboards or asbestos so you can have a safe removal.

To Sum Up

Hiring a skip service is a great idea if you are doing a project or renovation that will produce a lot of trash that you cannot otherwise dispose of. You can even go on the website of the skip provider you wish to hire and see how they dispose of their waste so you can be a little more environmentally conscious. This way you can hire a company that recycles the waste instead of just taking it to a dumpsite. 

What are you waiting for? Hire a professional skip service now so they can get rid of your trash for you!

  1. Do I need permission to put a skip on the road?

If you are planning to place a skip on public property, such as a highway or a road, then you need a skip permit from the local council. 

“You don’t need a skip license if you’re putting the skip entirely on private land [1]”. 

The private land can be your driveway, your yard, field, or your private road. Tommy Cooper once said, “ rang up a local building firm, I said ‘I want a skip outside my house.’ He said ‘I am not stopping you.”

  1. How long can you keep a skip?

You can keep a skip for up to 2 weeks, but the collection date depends on you and when you want to get it picked up. The collection time can be specified at the time of booking or through a call when it is filled.

  1. Can you put anything in a skip?

As I have discussed earlier in this article, you cannot put everything in the skip. You can put household items such as wood, tiles, furniture, paper, cardboard, garden waste, and clothes and you can also put in heavy materials such as bricks, concrete, metals, pottery, clay, rubble, and stones.

  1. How much can you put in an 8-yard skip?

An 8-yard skip can hold about 75 to 85 black garbage bags or roughly 25 wheelie bins worth. This type of skip is ideal for large landscaping projects as well as clearance of large properties.

  1. Can I put electrical appliances in a skip?

It is forbidden to put electrical appliances into a hired skip in Poole, because they are considered as hazardous waste. These items need to be thrown away via the correct methods available from your local council.



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