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What is Mini Skip in Poole?

A mini skip is considered the smallest sized category for skip hire companies in the United Kingdom. They work to offer a convenient way to throw out large and recyclable materials by tossing them in the bin behind your house. They are available in two sizes; you can get a 2-yard skip or a 3-yard skip.

This makes them perfect for removing compact bits of waste because they can usually fit on any property. They are very popular among domestic clients for garden clean-ups, DIY projects, and small home renovations.

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Different Mini Skips Sizes

The two most common sizes for mini skips in the UK are the 2-yard mini skip and the 3-yard mini-skip. These sizes are the smallest offered by mini skip hire companies in the UK, and they both work exceedingly well in getting rid of small amounts of domestic or commercial waste. Below are detailed reviews with more information about 2-yard mini skips and 3-yard mini skips:

2-Yard Mini Skip

Price: 60 to 100 pounds.

Dimensions: 5-feet long by 4-feet wide by 3-feet high.

Size: it can hold up to twenty-five black bin bags.

3-Yard Mini Skip

Price: 75 to 120 pounds.

Dimensions: 6-feet long by 4-feet wide by 3-feet high.

Size: it can hold up to thirty-five black bag bins.

Common Uses for Mini Skips in Poole

Mini skip hire companies often license mini skips for numerous domestic and commercial applications. Their size makes them ideal for everyday household waste removal solutions, such as garden clearance, bathroom, kitchen refits, DIY projects, and small renovations.

As for commercial uses, mini skips can be used in construction as a secondary backup skip. Sometimes, they get used to get rid of plasterboards exclusively since they can’t be put in the skips with other types of waste.

The Advantages of Hiring a Mini Skip As a Waste Removal Solution

Due to their small size convenience of getting rid of waste, it is no surprise that mini skips have become well-known for domestic clients in the UK since they commonly cater to commercial clients. However, if you want a bigger picture of how useful mini skips can be, we have provided a list of benefits and advantages that they offer:

  • Cheap Mini Skip Hire in Poole

If you want a hassle-free way to get rid of waste without too much investment, it would be beneficial for you to know that mini skips are the cheapest skips available. Most skip hire companies influence their prices according to the size of their skips. Since mini skips are the smallest out of all other skips, they are also the cheapest among all. 

  • Proper Waste Disposal with Poole Mini Skips

With the presence of mini skips, you would efficiently dispose of all your waste in an environmentally friendly manner. Mini-skip hire companies work to ensure that their clients have all their waste brought to licensed recycling facilities. These facilities can then also offer various recycling options to dispose of your trash in a way that wouldn’t harm the environment. 

  • Mini Skips in Poole are Convenient and Require Small Space

Due to their small size, mini skips can be placed practically anywhere. Consequentially, they can be exceedingly convenient. With mini skips, you can snuggly fit them near your front entrance to minimize the labour needed to drag your rubbish to the bin across the curb. Since they are small enough to be placed effortlessly, you wouldn’t even need a council permit to use them. 


Due to these numerous advantages, mini skips often serve as the ideal option for appropriately disposing of small amounts of domestic and commercial rubbish. So, if you are looking for a cheap alternative for getting rid of the trash in your home or business, you should consider getting a mini skip for the job.

Poole Skip Hire - Instant Skip Hire Prices

If you are in the UK and are looking to hire a mini skip, you don’t have to look any further. You can have a local mini-skip hire or mini-skip hire service across the UK. There are a variety of websites that offer a vast network of skip suppliers with all their current stock and pricing listed for you. You can get council land from your skip hire permit, and you can then have skip hire suppliers to arrange for this permit to be personally delivered to your address.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mini Skip Hire in Poole

We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions from our clients.

You can get a 2-yard mini skip at around £60 to £100 and a 3-yard mini skip at £75 to £120. Generally, it will not go cost more than £150. Additionally, a 3-yard mini skip can hold up to thirty-five black bin bags. They serve as both large and conveniently snug alternatives to industrial-sized skips. 

The smallest possible skip is the two cubic yard skip bin. It can hold up to twenty-five black bin bags, and it is small enough to fit on your lawn without the need for a permit. Often, they serve as a quick and easy-access chute for your trash, waiting right outside your front door.

You can put the following items into your mini skip: bricks, dry concrete, tiles, plasterboards, gyprock, small tree logs, green waste, furniture, white goods, metal, plastics, timber, rubble, soil and sand, cool-room panels, small amounts of glass, bagged sawdust, villa boards, terracotta, rocks and stones, fabrics and clothes, empty water heaters, shoes, appliances, electronics, cement sheeting compressed, and new insulation.

For an additional cost, you can also add carpet and underlay, foam and polystyrene, mattresses and bed bases, rubber and rubber flooring, silica dust, rubber tyres, soft fall, synthetic grass, and AstroTurf, and Vinyl. 

You should expect a two to three-yard mini skip at a starting cost of at least 70 pounds. They can usually hold up to 30+ bin bags. However, mini skips increase in price as their sizes increase. A four to five-yard mini skip should be around 100 to 260 pounds, and it should hold approximately 40+ bin bags.